Countess Firming TM

It is time to reveal your truest beauty, still concealed beneath. Accentuate your womanly allure, in every curve of your body. To a revitalizing treat that trims the excess away. And a delightful slimming massage that restores you to amazing form. Our pampering selection of signature Countess Firming treats awaits to shape you back to pure perfection.

Body Contour Firming

Do not pay no heed to your body. With this unique body service, the journey to a tighter, fitter and healthier body,
inside and out, is shorter than you think. Stay firm, stay gorgeous. 
•   Progresses skin elasticity and hydrates skin quality
•   Provides supple skin
•   Appearance of skin texture and tone visibly improve

Body Contour Slimming

Say, “No!”, to unwanted bumps and lumps. Live in the figure you’ve always dreamt of, all thanks to our exclusive treatment that
refuses to produce anything but exceptional results. A slimmer you is possible! 
•   Lymphatic system is stimulated
•   Fights rebellious fat deposits
•   Eliminate toxins for a healthier inner body