Countess Firming TM

It is time to reveal your truest beauty, still concealed beneath. Accentuate your womanly allure, in every curve of your body. To a revitalizing treat that trims the excess away. And a delightful slimming massage that restores you to amazing form. Our pampering selection of signature Countess Firming treats awaits to shape you back to pure perfection.

Shaping Massage (Slimming Massage)

Utilizing a combination of a Thai-style massage with slimming cream, your longing form is not impossible. 
•   Breakdown excess fat so it’s easily rid off
•   Prep the body to respond to active treats
•   Restore active metabolic rate to burn fat
•   Boost blood circulation for rapid results

Bust Lifting

Effectively and quickly combat early bust-sagginess
Shape and firm up the breast back to youthful form
With advance technology, your best asset gets an uplifting boost!
•   Boost up bust elasticity
•   Stimulate full and firm bust
•   Shape up bust
Select your preferred treat:
•   WonderFULL™ Bust Therapy (Enhancement) 
•   WonderFIRM™ Bust Therapy (Reinforcement) 
Your natural assets and your desired outcome is our 
main mission.

RF Wanted Body Curve

With micro current frequencies and ultrawaves, be gone discarded cellulites!
A fast, easy, and most importantly, reliable way to lose those unwanted curves!
•   Penetrate and breakdown causes of cellulite
•   Tighten, firm-up and slim down targeted areas
•   Increase circulation and collagen function
•   Expel water retention and toxin build up
•   Prepare body to rid of excess fat, naturally
Select your preferred treat:
•   Tummy 
•   Arm
•   Thigh